Quarterly Market Commentary - 2018 Q4

Market volatility is back and is uncomfortable after a serene 2017. Most portfolios have experienced a negative return as almost all financial assets have delivered a loss for the year. We went from...

2019 Annual Qualified Retirement Plan Contribution Limits

On November 1, 2018, the Internal Revenue Service announced[1] cost of living adjustments affecting dollar limitations for pension plans and other retirement related items for Tax Year 2019. Some of...

Quarterly Market Commentary - 2018 Q3

• The American economy is on fire, and there is no sign of retreat. We expect the third and fourth quarter to continue the above trend growth, and the U.S. will end 2018 closer to 3.5% real GDP than...

Quarterly Market Commentary - 2018 Q2

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Quarterly Market Commentary - 2018 Q1

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5th Circuit of Appeal Vacates the Fiduciary Rule

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce (“COC”), the Indexed Annuity Leadership Council (“IALC”) and the American Council of Life Insurers (“ACLI”) (“Plaintiffs”) brought a lawsuit to challenge...

Philip Chao in InvestmentNews Article on How to Design a 401(k) plan that’s lawsuit-proof

Obviously there is no such design but there are actions that can be taken to significantly minimize the probability of being sued. Please read the entire article here.

Quarterly Market Commentary - 2017 Q4

Eight years after the end of the financial crisis, the Global Economy is much healthier and now growing in sync for the first time since 2010.   The superb performance in equities/risk assets...

Philip Chao in InvestmentNews Article on Fidelity Charging Plans for Vanguard Asset Custody

  Vanguard’s dominance in the defined contribution world is well recognized. Many recordkeepers/custodians have made Vanguard funds available under their open architecture platforms for plan...

Philip Chao in InvestmentNews Article on Retirement Plan Advisers Needing B-Ds

The reasons for affiliating with a brokerage have changed as adviser compensation has evolved. Please read the entire article here.